Thursday, September 22, 2005

It's been a while ... just been VERY busy. The end of the tunnel is well in sight though. Nuff more to say soon.

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Friday, June 03, 2005

We as Jamaicans need to take a stance against Apple and any persons with racist attitudes that they employ. Case in point - iTunes exec tells Jamaican artists to take a hike. I got a forward of the email that Kirk Bonin, Artist/Label Relations Manager at iTunes Music Store sent to someone who was doing email promotions for deejay Buju Banton and it wasn't as simple a thing as a brush off as that article would imply. It was NASTY and showing that racism or at least racist attitudes are alive and well at all levels of the corporate world.

I will post what he said, word for word, later today but racism is clearly very much alive. Yes, there are many homophobic Jamaican reggae artistes, but how can you class them all as such, especially for someone in a position at itunes where he can basically call the shots to some extent on which music/artiste gets to be heard and which one doesn't.

So what if the Ipod is cool ... there are lots of other cool alternatives and until Apple fires this Bonin guy, my vote is for a total Apple and itunes boycott!

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Friday, February 25, 2005

Iranian blogger jailed for 14 years ... bwoy, not even Jamaica is this bad. However, Bruce Golding did reveal in a recent interview some of the real injustices of the 70s that were carried out by the PNP Government that was in power then ... the same Government that the present Prime Minister PJ Patterson was a part of.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Onandi Lowe is innocent. I really believe that. I learned years ago based on the experience of others that I would never accept a package or carry anything on a plane or ship for anyone, no matter who, without first looking through the contents very carefully. And even then, I wouldn't do it for just an acquaintance. More on the Onandi Lowe saga

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WOWAssault rifles, submachine guns among weapons seized at wharves

Jamaica Customs and police yesterday discovered 16 guns, including four assault rifles and three submachine guns, as well as several hundred rounds of ammunition, which were being smuggled into the island with food imports.

"This is the most significant find in years," Superintendent Devon Watkiss, head of the police's Organised Crime Investigative Division (OCID), told the Observer. "We are making inroads."
Big Gun Find!

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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Poor poor West Indies :(
Brett Lee batters Windies in Adelaide
VB Series match 6, Adelaide:
Australia 269-8 beat West Indies 196 by 73 runs

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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

A ray of sunshine from a young educated young Jamaican living abroad ... appealing to young people to stay in Jamaica (or return) to help build the country. So very true! There are far too many educated Jamaicans helping to making the U.S., Canada, Britain etc. bigger, stronger and more wealthy and not back in Jamaica land we love helping to build it up! Almost 3 million Jamaicans in Jamaica itself but an estimate 8 million Jamaicans live abroad. No space for all of them but we could do well with a few of the more ambitious and bright ones.

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Why would Bogle bring roosters to a dance so they could have a cockfight, basically mocking Beenieman and John Hype? Strange news.

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Saturday, January 22, 2005

BogleIf you're into dancehall music, then you've probably heard of 'Bogle', the dancer (a.k.a Mr. Wackie). Early Thursday morning (January 20), he was shot and killed at a gas station, after leaving a local dance (Weddy Weddy Wednesdays) - see report here.

He's said to have been involved in an altercation then decided to leave; while at the gas station, two men road by on a bike, apparently with guns blazing. Bogle was the only one killed ... others in the vehicle were injured.

A popular dancer he may have been, but unfortunately, right now, he's just another victim on Jamaica's ridiculously long list of murder victims - ALMOST 100 DEAD IN THE FIRST 3 WEEKS OF 2005!

Meanwhile, Bogle's one-time student turned arch-rival, John Hype, along with popular local and international deejay Beenie Man (who has actually offered a reward for the capture of the killers) seem a bit nervous and worried because the rumor mill is linking them to Bogle's death. John Hype's house was even firebombed and burned to the ground just hours after news spread that Bogle was dead.

What a ting! Bere excitement (whether negative or positive) in Jamaica all the while, trus mi! May "Mr. Wackie" and the many other victims of senseless murders rest in peace; hopefully they are in a better place. For their sake I hope Beenie and John Hype are really not party to it because the vigilantes seem to be anxious to get on the case.

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Definitely been SO busy for the past few months. Now I'm back with lots of time on my hands to devote to talking about WHAT'S UP JAMAICA!

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